According to Ayurveda, a traditional medicinal practice of Indian origin, we must taste every flavor in order to be fully nourished. The 6 tastes, or Rasas, include: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent and each is equally important in maintaining a balanced palate and good health. Although each has important nutritional value, Ayurveda believes tasting only one Rasa will leave us unbalanced and unhealthy. We must experience multiple flavors to enrich our lives.

“We must experience multiple flavors to enrich our lives”

Fast forward 4 years… I’m an international magna cum laude graduate that can’t get the job she wants. Like all of my fellow 20 somethings, I spend my days working at a job that pays the bills and my nights side hustling working for a small business that can’t pay me but let’s me practice what I truly want to do. I graduated top of my class with a 3.9 GPA and a fluency in Italian. I traveled to over 15 countries, planned numerous international conferences and succeeded in all my endeavors yet still find myself struggling to convince employers that I’m a “good fit” for their company. The main reason I can’t land a job? I don’t have enough “experience.”

Major companies like Nike can require as much as 8 years of “experience” in a specific field before they even take a second look at your resume. What does this mean for full time students who’ve graduated thousands of dollars in debt looking for a job? They can’t get one because they’ve spent the last 4 years studying to be given the opportunity to gain “experience”.

“How does one begin to measure ‘experience’? By years? By places? By actions?”

How does one begin to measure “experience”? By years? By places? By actions? Can experience be quantitative? Perhaps this is where the difference in definition lies; I measure experience qualitatively. Just as Ayurvedan philosophy suggests, my life has been enriched by the variety of experiences I’ve had. Traveling allows me to taste new flavors and assign a greater sense of balance to my life. My experiences in each place and each position may not have lasted long (certainly not 8 years) but each has changed me and the way I see and react to problems.

“Just because someone had the opportunity to experience a lot in a short amount of time doesn’t make them distracted — it makes them balanced.”

To the Hiring Managers: If balance enriches our personal lives, why can’t it enrich our companies too? A balanced team focused on a common intention would have far more perspective than a group of people who’ve done the same thing for 8 years. So next time you’re looking at those resumes, think less about quantitative experience and more about qualitative.

To the 20 somethings: Don’t give up the opportunity to taste life simply to gain quantitative “experience”. You’ll find balance that will ground you deeper in your true intentions. Always remember you must taste all the flavors to live an enriched life.

A chocoholic and Energy Healer in search of nomadic nirvana and epic alignment